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Quick Barbie or Gift Bag

Each donated doll comes with a drawstring bag that has room for the doll and all of the outfits and accessories. You can also use these instructions for a quick gift bag in any size. These take about 15-20 minutes to make. They aren’t super-fancy, but they do the job.

You will need fabric, thread, ribbon, basic sewing supplies, and a little Fray Check or other product to keep the ribbon from unraveling.

Cut a 15″ square of fabric, or 2″ longer and 1″ plus twice the width of the desired size.

Serge or finish or zig-zag the top edge, and about 3-4″ down the adjacent sides.

I love the G-Foot, or Overcast Foot!!! This is a serge-type stitch on a regular machine, and it works with zig-zag and other edging stitches. The little bar in the middle of the foot keeps the thread from pulling the edge of the fabric too tightly, so you get a nice, flat, edge. I use this foot during almost every project, and it is especially nice for finishing garment seams.

Fold down the top edge 1″, press, and sew down near the finished edge to make the casing. I like to use the edging stitch line as a guide. You will want to change to a straight stitch and regular presser foot for this step.

Fold in half lengthwise, right sides together, and pin.

Beginning just below the casing, edge stitch the side and bottom of the bag. DO NOT FORGET (like me) TO CHANGE THE FOOT AND STITCH before this step, so you won’t break a needle and stress your machine (like me).

Turn the bag right side out and poke out the corners. I use this size 15 plastic knitting needle for this step. Cut a piece of ribbon about three times as long as the width of the bag.

Using a safety pin, thread the ribbon through the casing.

Tie the ribbon ends in a tight knot about 1-2″ from the casing. Trim the ribbon ends and dab on a little Fray Check to keep them from unraveling.

Room for Barbie, clothes, and accessories! Handy for moving as well as storage. Shelter families and foster children relocate frequently, so they don’t have a lot of possessions. This size will easily fit into a backpack or small suitcase.