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Thrifting Safely

I write a lot about thrifting and Craigslist, and so I need to address safety when dealing with strangers and strange places.
Craigslist and facebook transactions:
  • Always meet in a public place. Starbucks are great. Facebook shows public meeting places nearby. Libraries are good when they’re open.
  • Tell someone where you’re going, and why, and for what.
  • Take someone with you, preferably an able-bodied, young male. Sons are great for this task, especially if fast food rewards are involved. You’re carrying cash and meeting a stranger, so use extreme caution.
Thrift, second-hand stores, and flea markets:
  • Most are large and brightly lit, but always be aware of your surroundings and who is nearby.
  • Wear disposable gloves or carry hand sanitizer.
Garage and estate sales:
  • Tell someone where you’re going.
  • Take someone with you to a strange part of town. If it gets too strange, like filthy and isolated with no customers, turn around. This isn’t American Pickers and you don’t have a camera crew. No deal is worth your safety.
There are good deals to be had on E-Bay, which is a safe way to thrift.

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